Your ultimate networking tool!

The new marketing buzzword is ‘network’. But my SFS Training attendees ask me, “WHERE do I network, Steve? And HOW do I do it?” Good questions so let’s ‘git ‘er done’!

Question: “WHERE should I network?” Answer: EVERYWHERE! So this leads us to…

Question: “HOW do I do this ‘networking’?” Answer: PLANT ‘SEEDS’! (Any farmer will tell you not every seed will bear fruit. But if you don’t plant a seed… nothing happens!) Your ‘networking seeds’ will be a simple 2″ x 3 1/2″ piece of printed cardboard called a…

Business card! And yes, business cards are still one of the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to ‘plant seeds’ in networking!

Remember, networking is much more than endlessly repeating your ‘elevator speech’ at Chamber cocktail parties! Instead…

1. Carry a leather business card case in your left hand pocket (if you are right-handed) with 20 business cards in it. (Your card case should also include a small note pad.)

2. ‘Plant seeds’ by giving your cards to EVERYONE you meet in your daily routine. WHERE? Gas stations, coffee shops, auto parts stores, supermarkets, at the post office and yes even at parties and/or at church too! EVERYWHERE!

3. As you greet and/or chat with an individual smoothly pull your card case out, smile and say, “I’ll bet you might know someone who might need a (insert here ‘carpet cleaner’, restoration contractor’ etc.) someday! Here’s my card…” BINGO! You just planted a seed!

NOTE: When you include the phrase “you might know someone” it takes the pressure off of your prospect!

4. Many times they’ll reply with, “That ‘someone’ would be ME!” And then continue with, How much do you charge?” or “What areas do you serve?” or… The important thing? You’ve planted a seed! Do this 20 times a day (every day) and you’ll be incredibly busy!

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Of course, newly planted seeds need to be ‘watered’. Let’s talk about this soon!


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