HOW to ‘stay in contact’…

45 years ago my mentor in this business told me, “Steve, all I do is rent people… to people!” Gene was so right. Success in the cleaning and restoration industry is all about connecting (networking) with… PEOPLE!

So I recently focused on ‘networking’ by planting a ‘seed’ (giving your business card) to people you meet in your every day activities. (CLICK HERE for how to do this.) But smart farmers (and business managers) recognize you must…

Water and nourish every seed (contact) you plant. Here’s how to do it…

stay in contactYou: “I’ll bet you might know someone who might need a (insert here ‘carpet cleaner’, restoration contractor’ etc.) someday! Here’s my card…”  (Your card case should also have a small note pad in it.)

Prospect: “How much do you charge?” or “What method do you use?” or “How long have you been in..” or…

You: (While smoothly taking out a pen) “I have a complete information sheet on our system on our website. What’s the best way to send you a link?”

Your prospect will either give you their cell phone number (good) or an email address. (Even better!) But remember, you must now get ‘Prior Permission’ to stay in contact and thus ‘water the seed’!

You: “I’m going to be off-the-radar for a few days. After you review the link may I reach out to you next week?” 

Prospect: (Usually) “Sure, that works.” GREAT! You now have permission to non-intrusively check in with your new prospect. HINT: CLICK HERE for my face-to-face ‘reaching out later’ strategy!

NOTE #1: When contacting your prospect include a dramatic before-and-after photo of a service you provide. Pictures sell!

NOTE #2: There are many apps that handle these texting and/or emails automatically once you’ve entered the prospect’s information.

Does this strategy work 100% of the time? NO! But it is 1000% better than doing nothing and MUCH better than just giving out a card and hoping that you get a call from an ‘unwatered seed’.

So how do YOU water business seeds you’ve planted?  Let us know on our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group HERE. (You don’t have to be a SFS graduate to join us.)


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