Empower your employees to follow PPE procedures

Too many cleaning and restoration contractors think “PPE” refers to a valve on their TM! Shame on them!

Folks, listen carefully here. Providing (and insisting on using) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your employees (and you too) is essential! Why?

First, failing to implement PPE procedures is ILLEGAL! Plus it is the smart (and right) thing to do. After all, your employees can’t make money for you if they are hospitalized! (Or DEAD!)

The problem? Nobody really “owns” the battered (and missing) Personal Protective Equipment banging around in your trucks. So…

Make up a personal PPE bag for each employee to carry (and ‘own’) with them each day.

PPE proceduresWhen a worker ‘owns’ their personally assigned PPE they will be much more likely to care for it. Now add in “Employee Accountability” with this “Personal Protective Equipment Inventory List.”

Once each worker has their own PPE bag then perform an inventory check of your employee’s safety equipment at least once per month. NOW each employee will take this stuff seriously!

If all their PPE is in the bag (and in good condition) ADD IN $20.00 to your worker’s Employee Efficiency Bonus. (EEB) GREAT! But if your employee has lost a PPE item then the replacement cost is SUBTRACTED OUT of their EEB. Now you are holding your staff ‘accountable’. (And this is a good thing!) FOR EXAMPLE…

I recently shared a great Technician Personal Tool Inventory List that cut my tool replacement cost by 90%! How? By holding my employees accountable! (And HERE is how I did it.)

Remember you must do more than provide and check up on PPE restocking. Your employees must also USE their safety equipment! So add in the question, “Proper use of appropriate PPE?” to your unannounced Job Site Inspection visits. Doing this will dramatically increase employee PPE usage.

NOTE #1: I loved the concepts of “Shared Accountability”. I mean, why should I ALONE shoulder ALL of the load? Want more Shared Accountability ideas? Then download my free “How to Add Employee Accountability” Special Report HERE.

NOTE #2: Please share your ‘Employee Accountability’ (and safety!) tips on our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group HERE. (You don’t have to be a SFS graduate to join us.)


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