Add “Technician Accountability” with Job Site Inspections

I call it the “dirty little secret” of the carpet cleaning industry.  Much of the time your technicians work “on location” (in customers homes or businesses) away from your direct control.  So your employees can easily become “Loose Cannons”.

This do-as-I-please behavior can start innocently by “fitting in” a personal errand between jobs. But then (cue the foreboding music!) can quickly slide into doing “side jobs”- extra work for the client done “off invoice” for cash in the employee’s pocket.  (Otherwise called “stealing” from you!)  Your job is to “stop the Little Kingdoms” that these out-of-control technicians set up.  Do this by introducing “Employee Accountability” into your company.  For example…

Periodically “stop by” and make unannounced “Job Site Inspections”. Give the client your business card and explain, “I’m just checking in to make sure your job is perfect”.  (This is a great Positive Moment of Truth for your customer.)  Use a specific written rating system to judge the crew’s performance on technique and following procedure.  Now you have specific items to use in your tech’s evaluation.

NOTE: Surprise “Job Site Inspections” are especially important on late night and weekend commercial accounts. (don’t ask me how I learned this one!)

As you grow your challenge will be to maintain consistency and quality. (Organize multiple employees with this free Production Day Sheet.) Don’t wait until you have been burned! Gently “hold your people’s feet to the fire”. Quality employees love meeting high standards. Then give them Public Recognition and bonus your people when they excel.

NOTE: In many states it is illegal to “dock your employee’s salary” when he or she screws up. (Lost tools, etc.) But you CAN withhold money from their bonus! So CLICK HERE for how to set up an Employee Efficiency Bonus plan.


P.S. Add this essential Employee Accountability by throwing an occasional surprise Mystery Shopper into your employee’s job mix.  How to do it?  Just download our SFS Special Report:  “Adding Employee Accountability to Your Company”.

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