Always “plant a seed” before leaving…

Rejection is a fact of life in business. But you can still make any phone inquiry, pre-cleaning evaluation or sales call pay off. How? By not giving up easily…

So when you see the phone or sales call slipping away from you first use my Last Ditch Question: “So before I go, let me ask you- does the way I have this price written meet your projected budget?” This question will often “smoke out” their hidden price objection. But if you still can’t get to “yes” at least “plant a seed”!

First commend and thank your prospect by saying “I understand your reasons for not changing services at this time and I really appreciate your time…”

“Here’s my card. Could you put us on your vendor/contractor list for future work? Great! So may I touch base with you every few months?”

Now you have planted the seed by showing that you are flexible and really want their business. Remember, “Selling is a process… not an event.”

Restoration HINT: If you hit the old, “We can’t use you since you’re not part of our contractor network” objection simply reply, “I understand. But could you put me on your emergency services list for when your main provider can’t start right away? We’ll start the emergency mitigation and step aside whenever you wish…”

Residential HINT: Always be gracious on the phone and close with, “I understand. We’ll be delighted to have your business in the future.”

Commercial HINT: Even if they blow you off reply with, “I understand. Could you add us to your vendor list to be included on future bids?”

Think about it. You have already made the effort/ spent the marketing money to have this sales conversation. Why not “plant a seed” that just might sprout in the future?


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