“Modularize” your on-site work

Sample “upholstery bin”

Sure, your basic tools and chemicals for a “normal job” stay on the trucks all the time. (And these “sacred items” should be protected with our SFS red tag procedure.)

But inevitably there will be the additional work that requires tools and chemicals that you don’t normally carry on the truck. List these items on the “Load List” found in your Daily Production Sheet. (PDS)

But then make life easy on your staff by “modularizing” the small stuff…

Buy stackable, modular bins with hinged lids and fill them with chemicals/small tools for specific tasks.

So now you may have an upholstery bin, a water damage board-up bin, a pack-out bin, a wall cleaning bin, a window washing bin, etc. The benefit? Instead of listing out each item on your PDS just write on the Load List: Pack out bin” or Window washing bin”.

These portable bins mean less work for your office and your techs won’t have to remember/ search for each item as they load up for the day!

Each bin’s function (and your company name/phone #) should be stenciled on all sides. Plus tape a complete inventory list of what the bin contains on the hinged top.

NOTE: Your written procedures should specify complete cleaning and restocking of each bin (cross-checked with the attached inventory list) BEFORE it goes back to storage.

Restoration HINT: This modular bin procedure works perfect for the varied nature of restoration losses. And success for in restoration you need a smoothly running job! (I even brought a “testing bin” in on my initial inspections. Insureds loved it as I went through their property testing for water penetration and/or residue removal. want to sell more losses? Then give your Insured “hope”.)

Commercial HINT: It is so much safer/easier/more efficient to bring your small cleaning items into a commercial job in modular bins. Just be sure to keep the bins with you as you move through the job and put all items back in as you finish. (You want to “blend into the woodwork” in regular, contract commercial accounts.)


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