Sell more commercial accounts with a “DSM”

Everyone wants the regular cash flow contract commercial carpet cleaning provides.  But very few cleaners ever achieve the “Commercial Critical Mass” needed to get themselves off the truck!  (I HATED doing late night work!)

So how can you get more commercial contracts?  Simple- the more hooks in the water- the more fish you catch!  So start fishing!  But you complain:  “I’m too busy cleaning to get out there and make sales calls!”  I feel your pain.  I too faced the constant battle of “the important versus the urgent”.

Listen carefully here:  Selling is a PROCESS- not an “event”!  The problem is cleaners get desperate, go on a “selling binge” and then either burn out OR get busy again doing the commercial work they just sold!  But either way the commercial sales PROCESS is stopped dead in its tracks!  Instead, do this…

Make a solemn vow to set aside one Dedicated Sales Morning (DSM) every week to contact 20 new potential commercial accounts.

Don’t over complicate this “putting more hooks in the water” process…

1)  Each week make a list of prospective accounts based on a) being in the same area and b) market sector.  For example, this week focus only on medical offices in the north part of your city.  Next week call on real estate offices over on the East side…

2) Dress up, take a stack of business cards and your Commercial Carpet Analysis forms, walk in and say, “I’d like to talk with the person in charge of your floor maintenance.”

3) 80% of the time you will get blown off.  But you will  do a “walk through” with 1 in 5 of your 20 weekly prospects AND one of these five will sign up with you!  The result? Do your DSM every week for one year and you’ll have at least 50 new commercial accounts!

4) Never stop this DSM PROCESS.  That’s it!  So simple … and yet so difficult.


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