Commercial carpet cleaning confusion?

A Phoenix carpet cleaner needs to get commercial work FAST! Steve shares six points that will get things moving IF he has the “fire in the belly”!

My big cleaning business just isn’t fun anymore!

Not all successful companies need to “get BIG”. A proven Colorado cleaner needs help in scaling things back into a manageable size. Steve offers a shoulder to cry on and shares his firsthand experience of what to do when your cleaning business gets out of control.

What to do with the tables and chairs in restaurant carpet cleaning?

Restaurant tables and chairs- the bane of every carpet cleaner! Steve dishes out the secrets to how his company very profitably cleaned over 50 restaurants every month PLUS one BIG commercial cleaning NO-NO to avoid!

Scared by the “big bid”?

Large scale institutional work can provide a great “base” for your business. Or it can destroy it! Steve gives some great “look before you leap” counsel that any company can use …

Love, hate and commercial cleaning

Attention all Connections attendees. Don’t miss Steve Toburen’s “Building Commercial Toll Booths” seminar next Wednesday morning in Las Vegas. Even better, it is FREE and Steve guarantees no sales pitch!

How can I increase the cleaning frequency of our accounts?

How can a big city commercial cleaner tie-up his commercial customers for the long-term and avoid back-breaking restorative cleanings? Zoned “Maintenance agreements” are the answer but how should he structure (and sell) them? Steve weighs in …

Sell more commercial accounts with a “DSM”

Selling is a PROCESS- not an “event”! The more hooks you put in the water the more fish you catch. So get off the truck and get face-to-face. Here is how I made it happen for my business.

Encapsulation- what’s all the hype about?

Mention the word “encapsulation” and there is instant controversy. Some say “the only way to take my cleaning wand away is to pry it from my cold, dead fingers!” Other cleaners are delighted to use a unique and exciting method that gets rid of the competition. What is the real truth from “down in the trenches”?