Reply to “Unspoken Questions” with “Unspoken Answers”!

All customers have questions they don’t verbalize! Read here samples of “Unspoken Questions” that are screaming away in your customer’s mind right now.

“Information age” to the “conceptual age”- where do I fit in?

You may be “just a carpet cleaner” but have you ever been accused of being “a blue-sky person”? Do you recall information better when it is explained in story form? Have you noticed that one of your child’s favorite sayings is “Mommy, read me a story?” If your head is nodding up and down, you are going to love this book.

Steve’s latest Value Added Service “field trip”

Everywhere you go and every commercial transaction you make should be examined with your “Customer Eyeglasses”. For example, notice what Steve took out of a recent (and very sudden) sojourn to Brooklyn, New York …