Don’t disrespect “followership”- Part 2

“Followership” plays an important role in being an effective leader. Chuck Violand shares three more suggestions to help you develop your followership skills.

Don’t disrespect “followership”- Part 1

While leadership is all the rage, Chuck Violand thinks it’s time to build a case for followership. After all, following is a critical component of being an effective leader.

So what “Success Skills” are you lacking? (Part I)

Sure, nobody cleans better than you do. Wonderful! We salute your hard work! And yet, are you still struggling after all these years? In this series Chuck Violand shares a few possible reasons why…

To solve problems: “Less can be more”

How many times have you screamed, “Don’t just stand there- DO SOMETHING!” SFS instructor Chuck Violand explains the best strategy may be to “do nothing”…

So what type of crew members do you want to employ on your carpet cleaning “sail boat”?

What type of employees do you want? Easy, you say, “The very best!” Not so fast here. Chuck Violand shares how the size of your company will determine the profile of the employee you want to go “sailing” with you on some very choppy cleaning business seas!

“Information age” to the “conceptual age”- where do I fit in?

You may be “just a carpet cleaner” but have you ever been accused of being “a blue-sky person”? Do you recall information better when it is explained in story form? Have you noticed that one of your child’s favorite sayings is “Mommy, read me a story?” If your head is nodding up and down, you are going to love this book.