Do I need my very own “domain name”?

Just what is a domain name and why are they important for cleaners and restorers? Steve calls in an expert to break down the basics of domain names and how to pick one for your cleaning company.

Do we need to personally call back every single carpet cleaning job?

An experienced Omaha area carpet cleaner is in danger of letting his quest for “time efficiency” threaten the all important personal relationship with his cleaning customers he has worked so hard to develop. Steve searches for the productive middle ground …

“Information age” to the “conceptual age”- where do I fit in?

You may be “just a carpet cleaner” but have you ever been accused of being “a blue-sky person”? Do you recall information better when it is explained in story form? Have you noticed that one of your child’s favorite sayings is “Mommy, read me a story?” If your head is nodding up and down, you are going to love this book.