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promote-your-cleaning-website-everywhereAt SFS we emphasize the need to choose carefully and prioritize where you spend your time. And yes, a huge time consumer for many restorers and cleaners is designing, setting up and configuring their website.

Do you really need a website? Absolutely! BUT a marginal, non-functional or “cookie-cutter” website may be worse than none at all! When prospects see a website that looks like it was put up by a second grader (poor grammar, misspellings and all!) they may just quickly click away!

Our recommended solution at SFS? Find a trustworthy web designer that will “do it right”. (And in a fraction of the time you would fritter away on painfully learning what they mastered years ago!) We’ve talked about this before as can be seen in these posts:

To be clear, you (as the owner or manager) SHOULD be very involved with the vision and implementation of your marketing strategy online and off! Just delegate the fine technical details to people who know what they are doing. This lets you focus on making the money to pay their (usually very reasonable) charges!

You also must stay informed of significant changes in the online marketing landscape. Joe Burnich from recently posted the following video giving information on such a shift.

Here is a link to SCHEMA as mentioned in the video.

How you decide to care for your online marketing needs is up to you. Just don’t put up your website and then go on “auto-pilot” and ignore big changes. As Joe reminds us, you must keep up with a constantly shifting online world!

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