Communicate the week’s priorities

communication-with-whiteboardAny family counselor will tell you the source of most problems in a family is poor (or no) COMMUNICATION! And your business is very much like a family which means your company likely suffers from lack of communication.

NOTE: If you are a solo “Lone Wolf” owner-operator I still want you to focus on this QuickTIP. Because some day you will want to achieve Personal Freedom and hiring employees is usually necessary!

When any two (or more) people start working together their biggest “thorn in the flesh” will be clearly, consistently communicating between themselves. So it is vital to communicate to employees your company’s daily, weekly and long term priorities. One way to do this is with a…

Large white board showing everyone the daily work load. (Color coded according to type of work.)

Any type of Business Infrastructure you can develop to improve communication will pay off big time. Your biggest “communication challenge”? Systematizing and institutionalizing your communications so they happen ALL the time. (With you OR without you!) For example…

Residential: The night before fill out a Production Day Sheet for each crew and attach it to their daily Job Folders. Now you’ll automatically communicate to each employee their personal “Big Picture” for the day immediately after clocking in.

Commercial: Each regular commercial account should have its very own Job Profile Sheet that communicates ALL the job details. (So you don’t have to!)

Restoration: Guide the communication between a stressed out, traumatized insured and your tech with this Water Damage Customer Interview Form.

NOTE: Your most important “communication”? Clearly explaining your company’s “abiding philosophy” of Value Added Service to your employees. Download this free “Value Added Service Pre-training” Outline HERE.


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