Finding the best content for your restoration and cleaning website

Most cleaners absolutely despise writing content for their websites. However, solid original text is important to attract quality customers and to get Google’s attention.

Finding the time (and the motivation) to sit down and crank out sales copy is tough for most business owners. That blank page can really drive you crazy unless you follow these simple tips.

First, you need to understand how people (DON’T) read The Web:

  • People don’t want long or wordy content. They have super-short attention spans. So keep it brief and simple. And don’t be afraid to use lists and bullet points.
  • Most people won’t read your copy word for word, but will scan the page for important text. It’s important to make those words stand out with bolds, underlines and italics.
  • Web surfers don’t want to hunt for the good stuff. Make it easier for people to get what they want by putting important stuff at the top.

Ok, so those are some guidelines to get you started, but how can we produce text quickly and easily? More importantly, how do we make sure it get’s the customer to pick up the phone?

There is good content already out there on the Web. In fact, reports show that over 90% of online content has been either copy and pasted or repurposed from another source on the Internet.

DON’T COPY AND PASTE from another website if you care about your ranking with search engines. This is called duplicate content and will crush any hopes of ranking at the top of Google or other search engines. Instead, you can simply “repurpose” someone else’s text by taking the main idea and rewriting it into your own words. Don’t copy and then “modify” their text, you really need to rewrite the concepts from scratch.

If repurposing is too much work for you personally you can always hire a writer to do it for you. You just provide them with samples or outlines and let them know that it needs to be unique. Finding a good writer is much easier than you might think. I personally use three different online sources to find writers.

Top sources for hiring good writers:

  1. You can find good local writers in your own community and if they post online then they are probably needing work and will do it for cheap.
  2. This website will submit your article request to thousands of qualified writers and you get to choose the quality and the amount you are willing to pay per word. I use them all the time for blog posting.
  3. You may have heard about this website. People will do all kinds of things for $5. I’ve used several of their writers for website projects. The quality is hit or miss, but for the price it’s worth a shot.

Remember, good website content is important so make sure you keep it unique and if you can’t do it yourself hire someone who can.


Joe-BurnichJoe Burnich operates a carpet cleaning marketing and web design business. Experience with his own carpet cleaning business makes him uniquely qualified as he incorporates the “practice what you preach” philosophy to help fellow carpet cleaners succeed as he has. Contact Burnich at (406) 214-6504.

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