answer your phoneLike it or not, your phone is your “Business Life Line”. Even so, could you become complacent or even arrogant about answering your phone? As in, “Oh great! Its probably just another lousy Price Shopper! GRRRRR!” Tempting, isn’t it?

Don’t do it! Why not? Because in our Strategies for Success seminar I prove that just one “crummy 140 dollar residential carpet cleaning job” can easily blossom into $35,840.00 (Or more!) in downstream Cheerleader income! So AlWAYS answer your phone! NEVER miss a phone call! And yet…

For many the “gold standard” of having a dedicated phone dispatcher in a commercial office just isn’t possible… yet! So the temptation is to forward your calls to your cell phone. A logical solution? NO and here’s why!

Taking calls/booking jobs on your cell phone while in front of your current client is a HUGE negative Moment of Truth! And you are distracted! So you can’t focus on this very important call! Plus you are losing production by having to stop and sell… poorly. So seriously consider…

Setting up someone to answer your phone calls/book work when you aren’t available.

Here’s how to do it on a shoestring:

1. Search for a “phone friendly” retired person. This might be a relative, friend, neighbor or church member. (How about your Mom? Seriously!)

2. Set up written, “clearly defined expectations”. This “contract” should include hours they will be available, how to coordinate between you and of course their compensation. I suggest a modest weekly amount just to be on-call (maybe 100.00 per week) and a modest commission or fee for each job booked.

3. Take your phone dispatcher on a few jobs. Then blow them away by cleaning their home… for free! (Nothing beats an enthusiastic “anecdotal testimonial”!)

4. Train them with the SFS “Phone Format” that converts “price shoppers” into booked jobs. Download your free Phone format HERE.

5. Set up a constantly updating online scheduling system that both of you can tap into. (I like Google Calendar and… its free! Or check out Google’s more sophisticated business calendar software.)

6. Now practice, practice, practice with your new phone salesperson. HINT: Record your phone call and then play it back for your employee. (Painful but productive!) Then have your friends call them and rate their experience.

7. Turn ’em loose! Who knows, your phone person may book more jobs than you do! If so, CONGRATULATIONS! As Papa Nick Paolella of Jon-Don fame says, “Hire people smarter than you are and you’ll discover just how smart you are!”

Restoration HINT: Being available on-call 24-7 is even more important with emergency water mitigation. Don’t give your more-on-top-of-it competitor the change to build a relationship with your agent or adjuster! However, if you are just residential you may not need to ALWAYS answer your phone. Here’s how to “sort out” your phone calls!


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