Painful but very productive

The telephone and the calls coming in are the life blood for your company’s sales. Make sure you give it the respect it deserves.  This idea can help you do that as you seek telephone skills perfection.  After all, the way we sound to others is very different from how we hear ourselves.

When training new phone staff, make audio recordings of the new employee as he or she works with your Phone Format.

listen to voicemailReplay this recording as a training aid to let the employee hear exactly what the customer will hear. (This may be an excruciating, but highly educational, experience for your employee.) In addition, periodically record all of your phone people’s voices as they are on the phone to help them tune up their delivery.

This is a great idea re: taping your phone people. (And you too.) Why is it that “we sound very different to others from how we hear ourselves?” It was explained to me that our ears and heads function like the echoes in a speaker woofer, adding bass and smoothing out our voices. Therefore we sound much more nasal and high pitched to others than we do to ourselves. (This principle is the same reason people sing as they shower. All those tile surfaces just make them sound better … to themselves at least!)


P.S. How do you train your phone personnel to professionally handle calls? Please share your techniques below in the comments.

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