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Avoiding NEGATIVE “Moments of Truth”

negative-moments-of-truth-produce-negative-cheerleadersThe best, fastest and by far cheapest way to grow your business? Develop delighted Customer Cheerleaders who preach your praises to everyone they meet. (Including online!) WARNING: If “Making the Cheerleader” is news to you I suggest you sell out quickly and get a “real job”!

We’ve focused over the last two weeks on creating positive Moments of Truthbefore you even ring the bell and also during that critical first minute with your client. IF you deliver enough great Moments of Truth (MOT’s) your customer will almost always become a raving Cheerleader for you- guaranteed!

BUT remember these subliminal MOT’s add up OR subtract in your customer’s mind. That’s right! MOT’s can be either positive OR (cue up the foreboding music!) negative! Which are more powerful in your customer’s subconscious? Here’s a hint:

Every negative MOT you create wipes out 12 positive MOT’s!

WOW! So obviously you and your techs should NEVER deliver a negative MOT! Here’s a quick “DON’T checklist” on avoiding these MOT “Boo-Boos”. (True confessions time! Over the years my techs committed ALL of the following sins! GRRRR!)

1) Don’t hang out in the truck after arriving. Get out of truck immediately!

2) Don’t cut across the grass.

3) Don’t wear sunglasses on the job. (Leave ’em in the van! Your customer doesn’t want the Blues Brothers in her home!)

4) Don’t intrude in their personal space. (After ringing the bell back up!)

5) Don’t “barge in” and take over. Instead, give your client the “Illusion of Control”. (These tricks work!)

6) Don’t text/ talk on your cell phone in front of your customer. (Better to leave it in the truck!)

7) Don’t display “unusual interest” in your client’s “portable possessions”. As in asking, “So how much d’ya think your gun collection would bring at a pawn shop?” (Yes, I actually had a tech ask my customer this question!)

8) Don’t use your customer’s toilet. And if you must, ask permission first and leave their restroom spotless!

9) Don’t talk in a foreign language in front of your client. And finally… (my blood pressure is rising just remembering this stuff!)

10) Don’t leave anything other than clean carpets! This includes a) oil stains on their pristine driveway, b) hair balls from cleaning off your wand, c) a nice abstract design burned into your customer’s lawn from your hot solution line and especially d) don’t leave any little “gifts” floating in their toilet! (And yes, my techs screwed up on ALL of the above! So learn from my mistakes!)

And hey, share the negative MOT’s you have created in the comments below! After all, we’re all in this together!




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