‘Careful Cleanliness’ pays off for contractors!

Your job is to remove ‘da dirt’ from your client’s home- NOT bring more in! But this isn’t just about ‘migrating dirt’- we’re talking customer’s PERCEPTIONS here. Plus it is essential to ‘differentiate’ your business from your competition. A simple short pressure wand can help.

So you (and your employees) must create an impression of ‘Careful Cleanliness’. How? By focusing on what our SFS Training calls the “Triple A’s”- Actions, Appearance and Attitude! Here’s a ‘Careful Cleanliness’ Triple A checklist:

Service vehicle: Clean, tire foam applied, no visible body damage, no trash on the dash board, lettering bright and new?

Equipment: Vacuum and solution lines cleaned at each job BEFORE loading into the van? (And puhleeeease! Get new vacuum hoses instead of duct taping your old, leaking junk!) Is your cleaning wand shiny and bright? What about the underside of your rotary extraction cleaning tools? Are your pump-up sprayers residue and drip free? And is all of the above organized logically in your van(s)?

To do all of the above means you need a simple, easy way to keep your stuff (including your van) clean. Soooo …

Install a tee off of your truck mount solution line with a permanently attached high pressure hose and short pressure washing wand.

The high pressure line should be just long enough to reach around to the other side of the van and it will hang coiled next to your truck mount. (That’s why you want the shortest hose possible.) Since this hose and wand will always be at hand your techs have a simple and easy way to freshen up their van and equipment at the end of every job.

NOTE: You’ll also need this short pressure line for the Hoser Hose Cleaning Tool which will keep your vacuum lines pristine as you roll them up!

Now insist that your techs USE this simple way to maintain ‘Careful Cleanliness’. And of course, being careful includes not leaving any ‘little gifts’ (carpet waste or even worse… oils spots!) on your client’s pristine driveway! (Not to mention NEVER leaving any ‘little gifts’ in the customer’s toilet!)


P.S: An abiding concept at SFS Training is to “Make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong”. So share your ‘easy’ tips on keeping your vans and equipment clean and tidy in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group. (You don’t have to be a SFS graduate to join us!)

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  1. In between washings I use a waterless carwash product called spray shine to keep my van looking just washed. Takes about 15-20 mins. to go over the whole vehicle including rims add some more tire shine if needed and you are looking good. This does a great job unless you have allowed your van to get too dirty.

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