Keep your trucks clean and organized

clean and organized trucksYour biggest business challenge? (Next to finding/keeping great employees?) Keeping your phone ringing year round! That’s why we inundate you with sales and marketing ideas in our SFS Training Options!

But you also need to “git ‘er done” AND do so quickly, efficiently and profitably! Now as an owner-operator this is easy! (Maybe!) However…

Staying efficient, clean and organized with multiple trucks/techs is the key to building a Critical Mass Business. (If you don’t do this you will never achieve the elusive goal of Personal Freedom.) Sooo…

Clearly define where every item is stowed on your van(s). For example…

1. List out and number every tool and machine.  Then photograph everything loaded properly in the van.  Label every item in the photo with the same number as is on your equipment list. Laminate the photo. (With the numbered list on the back). Place a copy both in the van and in each employee’s manual.

2. Set up your priorities. Store your most used tools where they are most accessible and/or closest to the doors. HERE is how to do this.

3. Floor space is precious. NOTE: Use professional wall racks. (Yes, I know good shelving is expensive. But your amortized cost? Pennies per day!) Be sure store your carpet groomers on the ceiling.

4. Keep your vans “clutter free” all the time. Don’t forget the dashboard! (My pet peeve! Grrrr!)

5. Use “red tags” to add accountability. This QuickTIP HERE cut 30 points off my high blood pressure!

NOTE: Are you a Lone Wolf owner-operator? Even so, please implement the above tips. You personally will be more efficient and you’ll easily add clean and organized part-time employees as you grow.

Efficient, consistent loading and stocking  is always a challenge when working with different techs. (Especially if they are all sharing the same work vehicle.)  Your goal? Make it easier to do it right than to do it wrong! More ideas on this concept HERE. Then you may need to get “nasty” if da boys won’t play ball …


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