Wanna ‘Grow Your Business’? Great! Let’s get started!

grow your company

So I’ve been ruminating on how to find the “elusive sweet spot” in this industry. (And of course in your life too!) Yep, that great Life Confluence where you just can’t wait to get out of bed each morning!💖 (This may be slightly optimistic for some of us!)

The secret? Avoid staying long term on what I call “the road-in-between”. This difficult (and sometimes agonizing) business model simply means you are too big for the simple life of an owner-operator. BUT you are too small to achieve the “Critical Mass” of a company that will run with you… or without you!

All entrepreneurs and managers must spend time on “the road-in-between” as they grow their business into Critical Mass. The problem? I see far too many cleaning and restoration contractors spending their ENTIRE LIFE struggling on “the road-in-between”!

Spending a lifetime on “the road-in-between” extracts an enormous personal price on these hard working folks and worse… their families! So I STRONGLY suggest one of two choices:

You can ‘get small‘ again (which brings its own challenges) OR Grow Your Business. (GYB)

So which is it going to be? Big or small? (Take your time answering this one!) Most cleaning and restoration contractors eventually try the Growing Your Business route and more power to them!

Growing my business into “something of value” was one of the great joys of my life. BUT it WAS challenging which means if you are going to GYB “ya better do it right”! So here are some GYB resources…

1. You’ll get 100’s of new hiring ideas and systems in our 3-hour, online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar.💲💲💲 To learn more and/or easily register online click HERE. Want to get started immediately?

2. Implement my TOP TEN QuickFIX solutions. WHAT? You haven’t done ANY of these?😲

3. To Grow Your Business you must increase sales. DUH! Come on! Can’t you dedicate one morning a week to GYB?

NOTE: You must also ‘close the sale’ over the phone. This is why you need our 3 hour, online SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar. Click HERE for 100’s of ‘Lead Conversion’ ideas and systems to easily book prospects who use text, email, Facebook, website chat or even… the phone!👌 HERE are our upcoming class dates…

Yeah, I know… you’re too busy pushing a wand! I call this…

4. The Dreaded “Displacement Activities”!🛑 If you “cherry pick” what you like and ditch and/or ignore the rest you will never GYB!

5. You must also dump your “Fear of Rejection” and don’t let ’em “blow you off”!

6. Dramatically increase your profits with “Additional Service Options”. It takes money to GYB! And sell more carpet protector with this 12 month “Spot and Spill Warranty”. Download your free ready-to-go warranty template HERE.

7. This is the one you have been dreading! To successfully GYB you must find, train, motivate and yes “manage” (that dreaded word) loyal, quality employees! (Check out Resource #1 above!) We need to focus on this going forward but for now some GYB homework on employees!

Restoration GYB: Above all else you must understand the Emotional Dynamics of a traumatized insured facing the LOSS of their precious home. And then help adjusters to “partner up” with your team!

IMPORTANT RESOURCE: Our Strategies for Success: ‘Growing Your Business’ Facebook Group will be a huge help in… well… Growing Your Business! (ALL are welcome! You don’t have to be a SFS graduate to join us!


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