More profit now and a “guaranteed client” 12 months later!

Consistently offering “Additional Service Options” (ASO’s) will bring you more profit for sure. After all, you have (hopefully!) covered your overhead with your basic cleaning price. So most of your “ASO” charges will be pure profit for you! (HERE are four ways to pre-orient clients on their ASO’s.)

NOTE: One of the best more profit ASO’s out there is “re-applying” carpet protector. Since protector application costs run .03 to .05 per foot anything over that is… gravy! Download my free “How to Sell Carpet Protector” guide HERE.

So you’ve re-applied the carpet protector. Great! But let’s look down the road. Your biggest challenge? Homeowners “put off” their carpet cleaning! (Your customers plan to clean every year but often postpone the “Tolerated Irritation” of carpet cleaning for two or three years!)

So can you “double dip” with protector by A) making more profit today and B) motivating your client to stay with their “clean once a year” schedule?

Include a FREE 12 month “Spot and Spill Warranty” with ALL your carpet protector applications.

more profit with scotchgardSo NOW 11 months from now you will add “time dated urgency” by reminding your client, “Mrs. Jones, your 12 month ‘Spot and Spill Warranty’ is expiring in four weeks. However, I can extend it free of charge for another year if we clean your carpets and re-apply the Scotchgard finish before June 1st.” BINGO! Now let me make it easy to try this idea…

Download a free “12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty” HERE. NOTE: You can “customize” this PDF by inserting your company information. Then print it out on any color ink jet printer using heavy card stock paper. The result? A great looking warranty that will impress your clients and DOUBLE your protector sales!

Worried about making too many “free spotting calls”? SFS members including this 12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty with every protector application tell me less than 1% of their clients ever actually USE the warranty. Yet all your clients will love being “protected”. (This is the PERFECT promotion! A high customer “perception of value” that costs you nothing!)

Restoration HINT: Did you know Exactimate has a separate line item for “reapplying carpet protector” after the final cleaning? Write it down: CLN-FCCPC (Current price per square foot is 0.16 – 0.20!)

NOTE: My favorite protector brand is 3M Scotchgard. But Jon-Don also carries Dupont Teflon too! (And both can qualify for free shipping!)


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