Do you give your people the time they need?

stop overbooking your techniciansI’ve recently reviewed how to “make-more-profit” by offering Additional Service Options (ASO’s) while you are already working onsite. (We’re not going to call this “up-selling” anymore!)

NOTE: ASO’s can include “re-applying” carpet protector, upholstery cleaning, renovating garage floors (I love this one!), tile and grout cleaning and the good, old “Mrs. Jones, while we’re here have you thought about having us clean all the open areas in that family room?”

Once you’ve mastered offering ASO’s your next challenge will be… TIME! After all, if your day is jammed tight “from the git-go” where will the time come from to perform the ASO’s you sell? Yet the big profit in ASO’s is to perform them immediately and avoid the extra trip costs! (And clients don’t want to schedule another visit either!) Sooo…

Stop “overbooking”!

That’s right! Stop living in “la-la land” with job and/or transit time! Just because you jam a 4 hour job into a 3 hour slot (and with no time allowed for travel!) doesn’t mean your tech can do it! This “overly optimistic” scheduling creates lots of problems:

  1. Being consistently late creates huge negative Moments of Truth with your clients!
  2. When you are “running behind” its tough to deliver Value Added Service. The result? Fewer online Customer Cheerleaders singing your praises!
  3. You can’t provide “Same Day Service”. (And yes, marketing your “Same Day” option is a great way to “differentiate” yourself from the competition.)
  4. Your tech(s) simply won’t offer ASO’s if they are already behind! (And this constant pressure destroys employee morale.) NOTE: Remember to generously bonus your techs for their ASO sales.

So HOW can you stop this insane cycle of overbooking? (I’m glad you asked!)

  1. Raise your prices! (More profit in less time!)
  2. Routinely add at least 1/2 hour per job. (Now your people will have more time to do the ASO’s they sell!)
  3. Consider two techs per truck instead of one. (More energy for additional work.)
  4. Keep at least one back-up van ready-to-go. (If needed, crews can split up and run solo to finish the day.) NOTE: Help your tech’s efficiency with this how-to-set-up list HERE!)

Your takeaway here? Pressured, “running late” techs simply won’t offer high profit Additional Service Options. So give ’em more time, bonus them well and watch your profits soar!


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