Adding this “Extra Services Check List” will promote “Additional Service Options”!

Question: How can we sell our customer more services while our techs are there?

Steve’s Solution: “Sell” (actually “inform”) your client on their Additional Service Options (ASO’s) BEFORE your often-running-behind tech shows up on the job!

Think about it. How much money are you “leaving on the table” simply because your client doesn’t know everything that your company does? One of my favorite sayings in SFS is: “Your client can’t buy it from you if they don’t know you offer it!”

So make it easier for your customers to purchase Additional Service Options that you offer– but they very likely may not even know about!  When you send out a confirmation email that includes a “how to get ready for our visit” list also include a ‘checklist’ of other ASO’s they can have done at the same time. (Put a box in front of each service and actually check the ones that the homeowner has already ordered.)  This will jog their memory (and awareness) of your other ASO’s!

HERE is a free “fill in the blanks” Residential Customer Email (or letter) you can implement today!

NOTE: And of course this checklist of additional services translates well to weaving it through your web site too.  For example, when your customer sees their confirmation page have a “customers also bought” page pop up. (Just like Amazon does!)

I was always amazed.  We would have worked for a customer for years and then one day she would exclaim, “I didn’t know you cleaned upholstery!”  Well, DUH!  It was written in large letters on the sides of our vans and in every radio and newspaper ad we ran as well as in our newsletter and still … sigh!  Customers need constant repetition and this idea of a “checklist” of additional services merits your consideration. (Don’t forget that this concept works great with high-profit ASO’s like Scotchgard.)


PS Have you found a successful way to market your “extra services“?  Please share your techniques in our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group. (You don’t need to be a SFS graduate to join us.)

4 thoughts on “Adding this “Extra Services Check List” will promote “Additional Service Options”!”

  1. Steve is the “real deal”, I have been his fan since 1992 long before Strategies, and I am also a SFS graduate. His no nonsense approach is second to none, and putting on your “customers eyeglasses” will help bring your business to the next level and beyond in customer service!

    Thomas Cermak
    Dries In Minutes llc

  2. “Real deal”? I’m honored, Thomas. Our biggest challenge is convincing cynical carpet cleaners who have been burned by high pressure gurus that SFS is the “real deal”. So your words mean a lot to me.


    PS 1992? Reeeaaalllly? I’m humbled by how long BOTH of us have been around this industry! Thanks again! And BTW, when are we going to see you back at SFS? We have totally retooled SFS since 2008.

  3. Steve… I have in my office a receipt for “Concepts of Value” that was a cassette tape and “Carpet Cleaning Inspections That Sell”. I know you talked to many people during that time, but the time you spent with me on the phone changed my perspective of my customers forever!

  4. Wow, Tom, you are making me feel my years with all this nostalgia! Seriously, it has been my privilege to have been “of value” to so many. Thank you for Jon-Don and I share your journey!


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