“Spinning for Profits” by renovating your customer’s garage floor!

upsell-cash-carpet-protectant-thumbMost cleaning industry entrepreneurs are already dialed in on the profits available in “add-on” services while you are already on the job.  A big one in recent years has been ceramic tile and grout cleaning.  T & G cleaning margins are great since it hasn’t been afflicted (yet) with the “blood on the tracks” bait and switch pricing so common with residential carpet cleaning.

However, T & G does have some downside potential.  You have  significant exposure with breaking tile or damaging weakened grout.  In addition, you also must control large amounts of high pressure cleaning solution inside a very fragile home environment.  However, I recently had a vision …

I was watching this short (1:50 min.) Jon-Don Spinner video and marveled at two things-  a) the hidden comedy talents of Big Billy Yeadon (the man has hidden depths!) and b) a brand new “up-sell” revenue source I think many carpet cleaners may be missing out on.  See what you think  …

While finishing up the customer’s carpet ask if they would like to see how you can renovate their stained garage floors.  Since your machine is running and your hoses are already run, it will be a simple matter to hook your Spinner Hard Surface Cleaner up. Pick the nastiest area, pre-spray with Matrix Grout Devil and clean a 3’ by 3’ area.

The customer will be delighted so give them a quote!  I suggest only doing the “open areas” of the garage and not moving anything. ( “After all, Mrs. Jones, that’s where all the dirt and oil stains are- right in the middle.”)  Most SFS members are charging between 75.00 and 150.00 for this service that will take between 20 to 40 minutes.  Not bad  money considering you are already there and with your equipment set up!  Even better, your customer will be delighted and very likely crow about their “new” garage floor to all their friends!

This is just one more example of thinking outside the box.  Get yourself out of competing for the low end, price oriented residential customer that are like a pack of starving dogs fighting over a picked clean bone!  Do so by “differentiating” yourself by the services you provide and more importantly by HOW you present them (and yourself) to the home owner.


P.S.  So what other additional services are you offering your customers while you are on-site?  Post them in the comments section below.

P.P.S.  Don’t forget what may be the single most important product/service you can provide- “renewing the customer’s Scotchgard protective finish”. Remember that you, as an SFS site user, are eligible for a great money saving offer on Scotchgard.

2 thoughts on ““Spinning for Profits” by renovating your customer’s garage floor!”

  1. Hi Dustin,

    Sorry about the confusion. Just dirty, oil spotted (not “stained”) concrete floors. Thanks for clearing up any confusion.


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