How to Sell Residential “Additional Service Options”

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All about Business

What do you want out of your business?

Are you looking for new income streams?

How can you as a carpet cleaner get the maximum profit per job?

Imagine developing your business into a smoothly running money-making machine that will easily provide a steady income and comfortable lifestyle! Even better, this smooth operation will also continually appreciate in value to help fund your comfortable retirement!

Sound good? If so, I strongly recommend you consider offering Additional Service Options to your basic in-home cleaning.

Re-apply carpet protector is absolutely the easiest and most profitable residential Additional Service Option. (For many reasons Scotchgard brand protector is my personal favorite but these ASO principles will work with any brand protector.)

Think about this: You make tremendous efforts efficiently tweaking your company’s image. You spend a lot of money on advertising your cleaning services. You invest in education for yourself and training for your employees. In other words, you go to extremes to make the phone ring and book the job. Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it … !!!

Now why on earth would you leave additional money on the table by not at least offering a valuable (and very profitable for you!) service that your customer very likely would love?

In this free downloadable Strategies for Success Special Report you will learn how to:

  • Get maximum sales from each cleaning job and dramatically increase your net profit and take home pay.
  • Present your optional services in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Motivate and train your cleaning technicians to offer carpet protector in a low pressure but very effective way.
  • Transform your Additional Service Options into an integral part of your marketing and sales infrastructure.
  • Convert add-on sales into continuous income producers.

Your Strategies for Success team and all of us at Jon-Don are convinced that your company will find success with our ASO concepts. Let me know how these new selling techniques work for you. Or even better, send me the new ideas you come up with. Remember, “we’re all in this together!”


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