Scared by the “big bid”?

Large scale institutional work can provide a great “base” for your business. Or it can destroy it! Steve gives some great “look before you leap” counsel that any company can use …

Winning Over the “Price Shopper” (Without losing your shirt!)

Cleaning your carpets on the cheap is definitely “in”. Thanks to the economic downturn (and Groupon!) even well off carpet cleaning clients are negotiating for a better price. So what’s a poor cleaner to do?

How to Sell Residential “Additional Service Options”

This freshly revised Special Report lays the roadway towards new and repeat add-on sales of Scotchgard and other high-profit services. Are you getting the full profit potential out of each carpet cleaning job? Would you like to transform your carpet cleaning technicians into motivated yet subtle salespeople? The answers are inside …

The pre-paid “Stay Beautiful” maintenance program for residential carpet cleaning

Are you tired of being beat up by the “Great Recession”? Are your customers increasing their times between cleanings and/or having less done when they do call you? Many of our SFS members have implemented the “Stay Beautiful” residential “service contract” which guarantees your customer beautiful carpets forever AND they report great results. Download this FREE Special Report …

How to Transform Your Restoration Business

Steve shares how to “transform” your company by focusing on the “Emotional Dynamics” of the home owner’s loss. (Even if you don’t offer restoration now many of the same principles apply in carpet cleaning too!)

Ten Essential Strategies for Success in a Tough Economy

This is a hard hitting Special Report with 10 Strategies that absolutely will transform your business- IF you implement them.

“Toto, I don’t think we’re cleaning carpet in Kansas anymore!”

What do Rock & Roll, Toto, and Facebook have to do with your cleaning business? Value conscious customers!! Big Billy Yeadon advises carpet cleaners to keep an eye on their company image in this new economic climate. So how and what are you contributing to your community?

Should I go with a “one stop package” carpet cleaning “business opportunity”?

When entering a new industry it can be an oh-so-very-overwhelming journey. So it is tempting to go the pre-packaged equipment route, especially if the company offers you a “protected territory” for your carpet cleaning business. But Steve says to be very, very careful. After all, you are putting one more link in the “supplier chain” …

How professional carpet cleaners can get local small business consulting … FREE!

Even the Bible says that “in the multitude of counselors there is salvation”. And yet, being the stubborn, mule-headed entrepreneurs that we are, we continue to insist on going it alone. One SFS member shares a great idea on outside advice. Even better, this help is FREE!