Sick and Tired of PRICE, PRICE, PRICE in Milwaukee

Tired of price, price, price

Dear Steve,

Given the down turn I am experiencing in residential work (OK, the nasty winter might have something to do with it) I really need to line up some commercial work. So when you talk to managers do you say, “I can do it cheaper.” Or do you stand your ground and make them understand that you are not a Fly-By-Night operator? I am tired of, “The last guy did it for $290.00. Can you beat his price?”

Sick and Tired in Milwaukee

Here’s the deal, Sick and Tired. Beware of the “conventional wisdom”.

Common Knowledge: Everyone “knows” that all commercial managers are only focused on cheap and just want you to “beat the bid”.

What I Found: Many managers don’t even know for sure what they pay and are more interested in reliability, a proven track record and a burden lifted off their backs.

Sure, I know that there are cheapskates out there. When you find one just respectfully thank them for their time and move on to greener pastures. Commercial sales is all about “working the numbers” and asking as many people as possible every day, “May I give you a proposal for your carpet maintenance?” Just imagine if you could just find one conscientious and professional business manager per day. They ARE out there.


P.S. You are right that you must separate yourself from all the FBN’s. How? By conducting a professional interview focusing on the store’s needs. For your free copy of our SFS Commercial Carpet Analysis form just go here and download . Then (if necessary) hit the manager with those magic words, “Would you like a free demonstration cleaning?”

By the way, a trap to avoid. Don’t automatically assume you can’t make money at “$290.00”. Commercial work is so much faster than residential it is almost a completely different business and should be priced that way. On our regular contract commercial work we routinely priced some of it at less than half our residential pricing … and yet made more per hour. Go figger!

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