Winning Over the “Price Shopper” (Without losing your shirt!)

Cleaning your carpets on the cheap is definitely “in”. Thanks to the economic downturn (and Groupon!) even well off carpet cleaning clients are negotiating for a better price. So what’s a poor cleaner to do?

How to Transform Your Restoration Business

Steve shares how to “transform” your company by focusing on the “Emotional Dynamics” of the home owner’s loss. (Even if you don’t offer restoration now many of the same principles apply in carpet cleaning too!)

Can I rebuild my struggling restoration business?

An experienced restorer has fallen on hard times. Steve offers short and long term solutions to a difficult situation.

“How can I deal with conniving Insureds?”

An apparently successful Florida restoration contractor is fed up with the daily shenanigans he faces. Steve shares a concept and solution…

Can I increase my profit on carpet cleaning sales by peddling carpet spotter?

We all want to increase profit per job. But Steve warns against getting distracted peddling product for pennies when you could be making Cheerleaders (aka. word of mouth referral machines). How?? GIVE AWAY a bottle of “Free Lifetime Spotter” to every customer …

“Toto, I don’t think we’re cleaning carpet in Kansas anymore!”

What do Rock & Roll, Toto, and Facebook have to do with your cleaning business? Value conscious customers!! Big Billy Yeadon advises carpet cleaners to keep an eye on their company image in this new economic climate. So how and what are you contributing to your community?

How I promoted my carpet cleaning business at my BNI group by ripping Steve Toburen’s stuff off!

They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. If so, SFS member Dave Pastor very “sincerely” likes our SFS Director of Training. Read how Dave blew away his local BNI group by sharing a few key SFS ideas. Then learn how you can use these same concepts in your company. (Even without attending SFS!)

Exploiting Chaos

Chaos sounds horrible. It brings to mind historic events such as the fall of Saigon or 9/11 and the horrors that ensued. But chaos can also lead to opportunity. In fact there is a Chinese symbol that stands for danger but also means opportunity. Which one will you choose?