“What a great feeling to have more than enough work!” Eric Blessit

Eric Blessitt with All Kleen Services, LLC in Hopkinsville, KY made big changes after attending SFS. The result? More and bigger jobs with MUCH higher profits. Learn how Eric did it …

“Toto, I don’t think we’re cleaning carpet in Kansas anymore!”

What do Rock & Roll, Toto, and Facebook have to do with your cleaning business? Value conscious customers!! Big Billy Yeadon advises carpet cleaners to keep an eye on their company image in this new economic climate. So how and what are you contributing to your community?

Words to live by and not just for carpet cleaners either!!!

How do you sum up life in one paragraph? Does it even remotely involve your truck mount, pre-spray, cleaning solution or other cleaning equipment? We sure hope not! Brian Dyson of Coca Cola has done a very nice job of helping everyone (carpet cleaning and restoration professionals included) keep focused on the really important things in life …

How professional carpet cleaners can get local small business consulting … FREE!

Even the Bible says that “in the multitude of counselors there is salvation”. And yet, being the stubborn, mule-headed entrepreneurs that we are, we continue to insist on going it alone. One SFS member shares a great idea on outside advice. Even better, this help is FREE!