Be a neighborhood “Good Guy”!

community clubhouseCommunity awareness and cooperation should be in the business plan of every successful company. However, when you ” do good” you might as well get the credit for it!  Can you couple that show of goodwill along with marketing to a targeted portion of your market base?  Absolutely! You just have to think a little outside the box.  Here is one excellent example…

Contact the presidents of middle class to upscale neighborhood associations in your market areas.

Explain that you would like to clean their association clubhouse free of charge to both a) showcase your cleaning skills for their members and b) perform a community service. It would be nice if they would mention your “good deed” in their association newsletter and maybe you could include an ad offering your services. (You may include a neighborhood discount if you wish even though it may not be necessary.) You may also offer to speak and/or answer questions at their next association meeting on carpet related subjects or be allowed to pass out your brochures. Show these folks the Value Added Service you can bring to their community!

I’m always happy to see when someone doesn’t just follow the herd in their marketing efforts.  Always put your Customer’s Eyeglasses on and think outside of the box.


P.S. How do you show your company’s generous side in your community? Share your stories below in the comments.

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