Banning the “E-word”- Help your prospective customers focus on more than price!

price estimate cleaning

Carpet cleaners all over the world fall into the old “just gimme an estimate” trap with potential carpet cleaning customers. Fight back with this simple change in terminology …

She wants me to “price match”! Help!

The “Great Recession” has made it “fashionable to haggle”! Here are some thoughts on how to handle value-conscious customers and the other “can you beat this price” shoppers that inevitably are going come your way.

The Great Carpet Cleaning Pricing Debate- Part II

Big Billy Yeadon weighs in with what may be the most profitable way to price your carpet cleaning services as an owner-operator. In the final analysis it will be up to you. But first check out Bill’s musings …

How can I set my carpet cleaning service apart from the rest?

An Idaho carpet cleaner searches for ways to “differentiate” himself from the run-of-the-mill price-slashing carpet cleaner. Steve tweaks the original idea to promote more Scotchgard sales, improve customer loyalty and cleaning frequency and above all else dramatically increase profits!

“Toto, I don’t think we’re cleaning carpet in Kansas anymore!”

What do Rock & Roll, Toto, and Facebook have to do with your cleaning business? Value conscious customers!! Big Billy Yeadon advises carpet cleaners to keep an eye on their company image in this new economic climate. So how and what are you contributing to your community?