How to put real estate agents and mortgage brokers to work for you!

We all crave quick, easy and CHEAP marketing! And even better if there is a sure-fire way to track exact results! Enter the ‘gift card’!

For example, learn how gift cards can kick start your residential cleaning during winter doldrums HERE. And giving your company’s gift cards to local charities can help you too! You can also…

Give $50.00 gift cards to mortgage brokers and real estate agents to gift to their home sellers and/or buyers. Think about it…

gift card for residential carpet cleaningBy giving away your $50.00 gift card real estate agents will now be a hero to their clients! (And with clean, fresh smelling carpets their listing will sell faster too!) Or…

When mortgage brokers give your gift card away at closing you’ll have the inside track to an often-new-to-your-area customer!

BONUS TIP: Write your agent’s or broker’s name on the card and when it is redeemed send them a $10.00 Starbucks gift card! (Yep! SFS  Starbucks fanatic Bill Yeadon made me include this!)

Don’t muck up these gift cards with a lot of ‘fine print exclusions’. (No ‘Only applicable with $300.00 total charge or more’ stuff.) However, I do suggest one reminder and two small rules be printed on each gift card:

1)  $50.00 redeemable for any service we provide.’ This makes very clear it can’t be ‘cashed in’ for well… CASH! 🙂

2) ‘Minimum charge applies’. This makes sure at the very least your costs are covered by (at the worst) charging your minimum amount less $50.00. So if your minimum charge is the common $125.00 the very least you’ll be doing a super quick job for will be $75.00. (This almost never happens!) I also suggest including the phrase…

3) ‘One gift card per service.’ This prevent prospects giving your tech a stack of gift cards they’ve ‘collected’ as full payment for a huge job! GULP!

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