Banning the “E-word”- Help your prospective customers focus on more than price!

price estimate cleaningSTOP falling into the old “just gimme an estimate” trap when you get calls from potential cleaning customers! This is just more of the all-too-common over-emphasis on price in our cleaning industry!  You don’t have to play this game! Fight back with this simple change in terminology …

Use the word “pre-inspection” instead of “estimate”.

Why the change? A) The word “estimate” is vague and imprecise. But even worse B) it focuses your visit completely on price!  Is the cost of the service a valid part of any buying decision? Of course! And as part of your “pre-inspection” you will be delighted to give your customer a detailed, written price sheet!

“Too busy” to make a separate “pre-inspection visit” on a new prospective client? THINK AGAIN with these Seven Reasons to make a Pre-Inspection!

Remember, all new clients need to be “pre-priced” before the wand hits the carpet! So whether you do it before unrolling your hoses or make a separate visit Click HERE for my free step-by-step “Cleaning Inspections That Sell” Special Report.

But a huge advantage of making a “pre-visit” is you can orient your customer on their Additional Service Options! (The much higher job tickets MORE than paid for the cost of sending an Inspector out!) Plus you can do a “show and sell” demo in your pre-inspection!


PS. Make sure you have the tools to do your “Pre-Inspection That Sells”! For me that included: business card case, holstered duckbill napping shears, tape measure, ultrasonic distance meter, high intensity spotlight, black light, photo album, pH pen, white towels, free lifetime spotter bottle, handi groomer and sales brochures.

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