Carpet Cleaning Pre-Inspections That Sell!


Getting your foot in the door can be tough.  Making the sale can be even tougher.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a step-by-step guide on how to inspect your customer’s home and sell your services efficiently?

In this Special Report from Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success Program you’ll:

  • Examine the long term costs of poor inspection skills.
  • Learn how to break the destructive cycle of “price-only” estimates.
  • Understand the “Emotional Dynamics” found in customer’s homes.
  • Receive a five-step inspection outline that will dramatically increase your carpet cleaning bookings.
  • Discover how to ferret out the customers “unspoken objections” AND how to answer them in a positive, non-threatening manner.

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5 thoughts on “Carpet Cleaning Pre-Inspections That Sell!”

  1. Great article Steve, I print all the SFS tips emailed to me & keep them in a binder for reference. Thanks for all you give to the industry.
    PS Do you know where can I find some good quality pics of a cleaning process to put in a presentation binder till I can have some of my own made?

  2. Great to hear from you, Bobby, and you are smart to print all this stuff out. Now imagine a five day seminar where instead of painfully and slowly printing out little bits of information we give you over 1,200 pages and show you how to put it all to work in your company- THAT is Strategies for Success!


    PS I have to say you would be much better served to take your own photos, Bobby. Your prospects want to see YOUR operation, YOUR cleaning results, YOUR equipment, etc!

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