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You suggested in our SFS seminar that we wear pressed Dockers, a long sleeve dress shirt and a tie for men for canvassing businesses. Does that mean that if I wear my white polo with company logo and Dockers, I am too casual? I can see what you are saying, but I just want to be sure I am not looking too much like a salesman the first time they see me (even though my background is sales).

Thanks for your time and the great seminar.

Not a Salesman

Your call, Not. Why would you NOT “want to look like a salesman”? That is what you will be doing, right? Selling? There is no shame in professional selling which once you have the right view of it is more “consulting” and helping the customer arrive at a solution that works for both of you. HINT: Use our SFS Commercial Carpet Analysis (available for free download here) to help you structure the “interview” of your prospect.

Now to your question re: dress. I (and all of our SFS members that have given it an honest try) have always found being slightly better dressed gives us more confidence and gains more respect from the customer. Why don’t you try each way for one week?

Keep us posted and thanks for contributing to our little refuge here at !


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