PLEASE offer more “ASO’s” than just protector!

promotion service optionsI love the ‘re-applying’ of carpet protector in your customer’s home. Of course, carpet protector leads us to the all-too-common “up-selling” which has a bad rep!  So please read the following paragraph very carefully…

I tell every SFS Training Event that it is ethically and morally wrong to high pressure a customer in the sanctity of their home. Plus an intimidated customer who feels ‘bait-and-switched’ will NEVER use your services again AND very likely will leave a nasty negative online review about you! (CLICK HERE to avoid this trap!) And yet…

There is no sin in gently giving your client the OPPORTUNITY to spend more money with you!

Everyone wins with Additional Service Options! (Including restoration contractors- see my note below.)

A. Your client saves money, hassle and time (their most valuable resource!) by having more services done all at once.

B. You save money, hassle and time by doing more work while already there on the job. (No additional drive time!)

C. Your tech gets an ASO bonus and feels great about their career. (You of course give your workers Sincere Recognition too!)

D. Your profits will soar as your customers request more Additional Service Options!

NOTE: Remember, customers can’t buy more ASO’s if they don’t know they are available. CLICK HERE to tactfully give your client’s multiple chances to order more ASO’s!

So what Additional Service Options can you offer?

1. Upholstery cleaning. Develop the “Fine Fabric Expert” niche and carpet cleaning may become your “ASO”! 🙂 Do this with “Referral Partnerships”!

2. Pet odor removal. Americans spend over $69,000,000,000.00 a year on their pets. (That’s a LOT of zeros!) If Fido and Fluffy want to leave some little gifts on the carpet you should be getting your share!

3. Garage floor renovation. Your hoses may already be running through the garage. Did you know you can make an easy 200 bucks per hour (or more) simply by asking, “Mrs. Jones. would you like me to restore a test area on your garage floor? You don’t want to track this oil and dirt on to your clean carpets, do you?”

4. Tile and grout cleaning. Why not touch up their entryway?

5. Wooden deck restoration. (And general exterior pressure washing.)

6. Hardwood floor renovation. Especially with high-income customers (the ones you want!) the trend is away from wall-to-wall carpets. So you should become an “interior surfaces cleaner”! With careful pre-inspecting/pre-qualifying and the right equipment hardwood floors are easy!

7. Dryer vent cleaning. This is an easy and quick ASO that customers appreciate!

8. A pre-paid, residential “Stay Beautiful” maintenance program. Now you’ll have a ‘guaranteed client’ every six months! (And regular monthly cash flow!) CLICK HERE free e-manual on how to set up your own pre-paid residential maintenance program.

9. Contract commercial accounts with “open access”. Yes, many of your residential clients own or manage businesses. Do they even KNOW you do commercial cleaning?

10. OK, I can’t finish this list without waxing poetic about the joys (and easy profits) of re-applying carpet protector. Please offer carpet protector at every house. Or even better pre-orient your customer on their ASO options even BEFORE you (or your techs) arrive!

NOTE: Double your protector sales AND have a guaranteed client by including a 12 Month “Spot and Spill” Warranty FREE with every Scotchgard application. Download your free “12 Month Spot and Spill Warranty” HERE.

Wow! These ASO’s will bring you huge profits IF you give your client the PRIVILEGE to spend more money with you! Once again, they can’t buy if they don’t know you offer these Additional Service Options!

NOTE for restoration contractors: Did you know Exactimate has a separate line item for “reapplying carpet protector” after your final cleaning? Write it down: CLN-FCCPC (Current price per square foot is 0.16 – 0.20!) plus you really should consider our SFS-recommended ‘3-Legged Stool’ Business Model!

Join our Strategies for Success: Growing Your Business Facebook Group to learn about more Additional Service Options. (You don’t have to be a SFS graduate to benefit from thousands of helpful cleaning and restoration contractors all focused on… ‘Growing Your Business’! So CLICK HERE and join us!)


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  1. Thanks, Brad! I constantly harangue our SFS students, “There is no sin in gently giving your client the OPPORTUNITY to spend more money with you”! 🙂

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