Dramatically increase your carpet cleaning profits with this “protected with Scotchgard” question!

Selling Scotchgard is one of the fastest, easiest and most profitable things you can do as a carpet cleaner … IF you do it right!  One super easy way to “do it right” is to always ask this quickTIPS “Scotchgard Question”.  Then just sit back and watch your carpet protector sales (and your net profits) go through the roof!

NOTE:  Remember, you (or your bashful tech!) may not even have to bring up the  “Do you want Scotchgard?” question to the Homeowner!  Why not?  Because you will already have put the topic of carpet protection in the customer’s mind when you interviewed her during your “before job” walk thru!  Let’s see how this works in real life …

When the Homeowner shows you a spot during your initial walk-thru always ask,”Do you know if the carpet has been ‘protected with Scotchgard’?” Either way, you win. It doesn’t really matter what the customer says (or if they even know) if their carpets have been Scotchgarded before.

By even asking this “Scotchgard Question” you are establishing yourself as a “consultant” AND you are “inserting Scotchgard into your customer’s mind” to mull on while they see how great their carpets are turning out.

You will be amazed how many homeowners will say at the end of the job, “I’ve been thinking. Let’s go ahead and protect the carpets with the Scotchgard protector you mentioned earlier.”Remember, this “sales presentation” only requires you (or your technician) to casually ask one “no pressure” sales question.  (And here you thought you needed a big “sales pitch” to sell Scotchgard!)

I love this quickTIP! After all, this is such a logical and easy “win-win” question for you and your employees. Remember, usually the customer won’t know or remember what was done on the last cleaning so if the stain doesn’t remove you have an “easy out,” as in “Wow, it’s a shame.  But it appears that the carpet wasn’t protected with Scotchgard after the last cleaning!”

If the spot removes (as most do given your superb technical skills!) you will still be a winner because you started the Homeowner thinking about investing in the Scotchgard protection right from the git-go!  Trust me- adding this simple “protected with Scotchgard?” question to your standard pre-inspection script will easily add extra sales to your average cleaning job.

Now don’t blow this one off! Try it for a week and I think you and your techs will love the results. Then come back on here and comment below with your story!


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  1. I will have to try this. It sounds so simple but effective. Beats having to do the whole sales pitch.

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