The Dirty Dozen Fabric Problems and How to Eliminate Them

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There are many paths to earning a great living in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry. Tile, grout, fire, water, residential and regular contract commercial carpet cleaning all offer some great advantages.  Even better, you can choose to add all of these diversifications into your company or leave a few for the other folks. After all, each of these options have their potential problems and dangers.

However, speaking of the good, old benefit/danger ratio let’s not forget the cleaning of fine fabrics, especially when it comes to upholstery. Don’t be mislead by the common notion that if you can clean carpet you can clean any fabric. Furniture, draperies and other fine tapestries require very special attention. However on the bright side for many cleaners, there are riches to be had for those that can clean these well. Even better, if you become an expert in the cleaning if fine fabrics you will carve a niche out for your self that will be virtually competition free and you can charge whatever you wish!

BUT even more so than in other areas of our industry, if you are going to specialize in fine fabric restoration you better have your ducks in a row!  So in this Special Report we warn cleaners against twelve common dangers in cleaning fine fabrics and how to address each case. Are you interested in the possibility of new money in the cleaning industry? Of course!  But before you jump in to fine fabrics carefully study this Special Report to see if Fabric Cleaning is for you!


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