Start getting off the truck while you are still having fun!

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start getting off the truck NOWI just LOVED cleaning carpets, upholstery and of course water damage mitigation! Let me count the ways…

Its FUN transforming a customer’s filthy carpets! Plus carpet cleaning and insurance restoration provides a fantastic work out! And making “big money” feels GREAT! And yet your “clock IS ticking” because…

One day (maybe soon, maybe NOW?) you will come to dread that cleaning wand! So…

START your “getting off the truck” process… NOW!

Here is a “road map” for your journey…

1. Analyze your life. Ask yourself, Where is my ‘Sweet Spot’? Will it be the same in ___ years? How does my family feel?” NOTE: Please avoid the “Road-In-Between” Business Model!

2. Change your “world view”… of YOU! You likely started with a “technician mentality”. (Me too!) But now you will be managing people, not a wand! So start learning again. (Maybe even sign up for a Business Transformation!)

3. Start “recruiting”. Look for great people everywhere. Then offer them a part time, on-call “courtship”. (Hiring the Very Best People (VBP) is essential when building a Critical Mass Business.)

4. Train your recruits in Value Added Service (VAS). Your goal? To clone your sparkling personality! How? Click HERE for my free VAS Training Outline.

5. Learn to let go. This is incredibly hard for the typical OCD owner-operator. But you have hired the VBP and drilled them in VAS. “Getting off the truck” means literally doing just that. So I’m firmly ordering you: “Step away from the van, sir!” NOW!

6. Step up your sales efforts. Set a reasonable goal to contact X new prospects every week. (I suggest 20 which is 20 more prospects than most cleaners contact!)

7. Keep track. Building a Critical Mass Business is a monumental process! Yet to “begin getting off the truck you must do it. So keep yourself focused (and encouraged) by tracking your progress weekly. Click HERE for my free weekly “Financial Flash Report”.

And hey, let me know how you’re doing out there!


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