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Why grow into a Critical Mass Business?

efficient-business-workflowI’m a bit of a “Loose Cannon” with these QuickTIPS. Everything from van organization to hiring great employees to Phone Formats to “Illusion of Control” to pricing commercial contracts. But in reality all of our SFS training options are focused on only one thing:

Helping you achieve your definition of success!

“Success”– that’s a slippery concept! But I would submit “success” has much more to do with your freedom to live life on the terms you wish instead of your financial net worth. Agreed? At SFS we call this Personal Freedom which is why I beg/push/ prod and pressure people to…

Build a Critical Mass Business! (CMB)

1. A “CMB” will run smoothly with you OR without you which means your company can easily be sold for big  bucks. (Business buyers don’t want to “buy a job”.) OR even better…

2. Imagine your smoothly operating CMB cranking out worry-free cash flow that will generously fund your retirement years! Plus…

3. You (and your loyal, well paid employees!) will be be delighted to work for a stress free, highly respected CMB. (Yes, work can and should be “FUN”!) And finally…

4. Think of your pride in founding such a smoothly functioning business that helps so many people!

Is building a cleaning or restoration services Critical Mass Business easy? NO! But it IS simple if you follow our step-by-step “SFS Success Template” HERE!

Steve Toburen

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