Do a “trial hire” BEFORE hiring a full time employee

test-your-candidates-before-you-hire-them-as-an-employeeI assume you didn’t ask your spouse to marry you before your first date! Instead, you probably took your time and made sure you were both compatible BEFORE you “popped the big question”! Logical, right?

And yet I constantly see restoration and cleaning contractors asking job applicants if they want to get “married” almost immediately! That’s right- we hire people before we’ve even got to know them OR they know us!

Surprise! Remember that some job applicants interview great and yet are totally worthless as employees! (Don’t ask me how I learned this!)

So why not let both parties get to know each other before you “tie the knot” by offering full time employment? Here’s how to do this…

Invite your best job candidate to work with you for a day or two (or even better long term as a part time worker) BEFORE either of you make a final decision.

If your job applicant is currently employed (which is always a good sign!) then suggest he or she come work with you on their day off. This “trial marriage” takes the pressure off both sides because no commitments have been made. (Including your prospective employee having resigned from their current job!)

Remember that your new hire’s performance is “as good as it gets” during this trial work day. If they are ambivalent about the job conditions (or struggling with the physical) work then let them gracefully fade away…

The billion dollar Zappos corporation is famous for offering new employees $2,000.00 to quit after their initial training period. Zappo’s theory is if a new employee will “sell out their future” with them for a measly 2 grand they don’t want this half-hearted employee cluttering up their “family of employees”. I like it!

NOTE: This more leisurely “courtship approach” works great for finding superb ‘Very Best People’ employees that will fit well into your company. BUT to do so you MUST avoid “Desperation Hiring”!

Restoration HINT: As a restoration contractor you have a perfect “trial period” by using prospective new hires in your on-call division till A) they prove themselves and B) you have a position open up.

Commercial HINT: Building service contractors and commercial carpet cleaners usually work weekend and late hour shifts. This “off hour” work will let you test out new hires before you put them on permanently. And don’t forget the value of hiring several part time commercial workers instead of just one full time employee.


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