Consider part time instead of full time workers

A huge challenge for most owner-operators is “making the jump” from working alone to hiring that first full time employee. After all, this means our solo entrepreneur must virtually double his work load all at once!

Or if you already have employees it can be tough justifying the continuing overhead (and responsibility) of hiring yet another “family to provide for”! So…

Consider hiring part time instead of full time employees.

Part time workers have many advantages:

1) Many great people already have a job but just need supplementary income. (Sadly, many people out of work are unemployed for a very good reason!)

2) Since part time workers have another income you don’t feel the crushing “moral pressure” of being the “sole provider” for their family.

3) When business is slow instead of finding “busy work” just tell your part-timers to not come in. (Since part time employees only do revenue producing work you can pay them more per hour.)

4) Part time is a great “proving ground”. If someone becomes a “rock star” in your company offer them a full time position.

5) When we were slammed my part time workers were always “hungry” for more work. Full time people? Not so much!

6) With more part time employees you spread your risk and avoid having “all your eggs in one basket”.

NOTE: And of course who knows where the new mandated health care plans are going! (Right now only companies with 50 or more full time workers are affected. But part time employees are exempt.)

Commercial HINT: Full time people in late night/weekend positions burn out and quit without notice and then guess what? YOU get to fill the gap by working day and night! But very well paid part time employees (no more than two 6 hour shifts per week) love their “supplementary income”. (And always want more!)

Restoration HINT: The inevitable ups and downs of restoration are perfect for part time, “on call” employees. (Just be sure to train them on restoration “Moments of Truth”.)


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