Tap into the “real estate agent referral” market!

How can you get more real estate agents referrals?

Real estate agents are a close knit (though fiercely competitive) group. Impress a few of them and the word on your great work WILL get out!

Get your foot in the real estate door by driving through upscale areas in your market looking for agent’s “For Sale” signs. Then text or email these folks offering a “clean carpets” special to help the house sell faster. (Their cell phone # and/or email will be on the “for sale” sign.) But how can you grab their attention?

Your subject line should read: “Your listing at (address)” I GUARANTEE THE REAL ESTATE AGENT WILL OPEN YOUR TEXT OR EMAIL! Why? Because you just might be an interested buyer! 🙂

HINT: Be sure to take a photo of the agent’s listing and include it in your email or text!

Here’s a sample emailed/texted ‘photo/sales message’ combo:

Dear _______,

Your listing at ________ has great curb appeal! (Place photo here.) Congratulations! BUT how do the carpets look (and smell) inside? I’m an expert in transforming dirty, matted floors into beautiful, fresh smelling carpets that will showcase your listing. In fact, we’re working in the area right now so I’ve got a special price just for you…

Remember, sending this email/text ‘photo template’ costs you NOTHING and may have immediate results. (Nobody is more wired in to their mobile emails and texts than real estate agents!)

HINT on your offer: HERE is the single best RE agent offer I know of!

Commercial HINT: This same guerrilla marketing email/text tip works great with commercial listings. Property managers can be a consistent source of very profitable work IF you become their “go-to-guy”!

Restoration HINT: Why not ask your residential customers who their insurance agent is and email the agent a photo of the home explaining that you keep it clean now and can “keep it dry” if and when they ever suffer a loss? At the very least you will stay in the agent’s mind for future losses!

These emails and texted photos/reminders cost you nothing, are highly personalized, gain you immediate credibility AND grab your prospect’s attention. Let me know how this SFS strategy works out for you!


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3 thoughts on “Tap into the “real estate agent referral” market!”

  1. Great topic Steve, this can be a valuable relationship to build that can generate high end clients.
    I like the your idea of the photo to grab their attention, and to let them know your local and work already in the neighborhood doing similar high end homes.
    Great advice, thank you

  2. Come on, John. You are still a “young guy”! One of my favorite sayings is, “You are only young once but you can be immature forever!” Words to live by and BTW best wishes on ICE! Wish I could be there!


    PS And yes, the “How to Break Through with Real Estate Agents” tip above is some of the best info we’ve ever produced!

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