Google+ for Cleaners & Restorers: Small Business Benefits

The Benefits of Using Google+ for Small Business

So what does Google+ bring to your table? (Don’t know what Google+ is?  Then check out our Google+ Primer!) Here are just 3 of the benefits to using Google+ to increase your web presence AND bookings:

1. Google+ reaches millions of people. At the time of its launch, Google+ quickly became the fastest-growing social network ever. Google+ has an advantage over sites like Facebook and Twitter since it already has hundreds of millions of users on its network to integrate into the Google+ platform. In just one year since its launch Google+ has reached over 100 million users.

Social media networks are powered by people, and Google’s got people! Most likely, the people (prospects) you are trying to reach with your content will already be on Google+.

2. Google+ has been built specifically as a content sharing platform. (And as we shared in our Google+ Primer there is no more addictive content for your prospects than reading about their own and other’s lives!) Following in the footsteps of social media giants Twitter and Facebook has enabled Google+ to learn from them. Google has adopted (OK, copied!) the good things from those platforms and enhanced them.

Even better, since Google started with a clean slate it has fixed what could have been done better. For example…

Google+ makes it super easy for small businesses to (here’s that word again!) share content. It provides a rich multimedia and discussion environment without the privacy issues inherent to Facebook. Google knows that content sharing drives social networks, and therefore it encourages, rewards, and protects its users.

3. Google’s search engine algorithms are always changing, but it consistently ranks sites with more links across the web as higher than those with fewer links. Content sharing has also been included to determine the quality of content when ranking sites. Now that Google has its own content sharing platform it will serve as direct access to the masses and determine quality content by what they are sharing.

Remember, building your audience on Google+ has the potential to greatly improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your small business’ website.

Google+ isn’t a replacement for your website or your blog – they serve as the “backbone” to your online marketing presence and the” landing pad” for everyone who comes across your information on the Internet and/or social media. However, building a strong presence in Google+ serves to naturally drive traffic to your site and raise your ranking with Google.

Simply put, Google+ should be used by every small business because… Google owns it and Google is still the 600# gorilla in the room! Google places more value in their own stock, meaning a heavier presence throughout Google’s products, like YouTube and Google+, will create a greater visibility for you on searches by prospective customers.

And this is only the beginning. Remember that Google knows how to improve what it’s got. Take YouTube for instance – after coming into the Google fold it has grown from a simple video hosting site to the 2nd largest search engine in the world behind, you guessed it, Google!

So it is a no-brainer that Google will continue to tweak Google+ and evolve it into something bigger and better. Getting your cleaning or restoration business involved with Google+ is essential and just may super-charge your company’s future growth.

Your SFS Team

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