Cleaning up by “doing good”!

Billy Yeadon loves this quote:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half!”  John Wanamaker,  Department store magnate (1838 – 1922)

You can waste huge amounts of money in mass market advertising and never even know if it is paying off for you.  But now look at the potential return here from a few hours of a technician’s time…

Find school bands, athletic teams or other non-controversial charities that have fund raising programs.

Offer your company’s services to “auction off”. Even though you are donating your services, still give the winning customer(s) your very best Value Added Service.

Think of the potential returns when your company supports local charity efforts:

1. You create positive Moments of Truth for everyone involved in this charity. (Most likely these folks are your target market as you want to work for “good people” who are usually involved in charitable enterprises.)

2.  Your winning bidder will become a Cheerleader as she is getting a great deal AND was able to support her favorite charity. Even better, her circle of friends will all be exposed to your great service and noble spirit in donating your work to support their favorite cause!

3. Plus YOU will feel great thanks to your generosity!

NOTE:  Set a dollar amount on your donated services. For example, “250.00 in goods and services” has greater perceived value than “Entire house cleaned”. Plus you can now “sell up” for additional work over the 250 bucks!

Restoration HINT: Build awareness of your restoration services by letting local service organizations, pastors and support networks know you’re available for emergency help to deserving poor individuals.

Commercial HINT:  Free cleaning of high visibility charities such as the Ronald McDonald house will always be a great business investment.

Steve Toburen

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