An all new SFS?

Little did I realize way back in 1995 that our tiny little baby we named Strategies for Success would become a very vibrant “Sweet Sixteen”!  But that first SFS class has morphed into the industry’s flagship management & marketing seminar with almost 3,000 members.  And it’s been a huge privilege for your SFS team to be your “Partners for Success”.

But business (and life) is all about change and over the years we’ve seen huge changes in our industry. The recent (and some would say ongoing) Great Recession has challenged all of us.  Even our SFS grads (who are the best of the best) have felt the pressure and we’re responding with an all new Strategies for Success!  You’ve told us you want:

More turnkey systems and procedures and…

More follow-up training for your employees along with…

More help in diversifying into a more stable company plus…

More resources for restoration and building service contractors AND …

More consulting and support from your SFS instructors.  Wow!  You folks don’t want much, do you?  Well, guess what?  YOU GOT IT!

That right, we have totally torn down and reworked SFS from the ground!  (Don’t worry, the core Value Added Service concepts Jon-Don and SFS stand for will never change.)  But I’m informally calling our new program SFS: Solutions/Freedom/Success because that is what we’re going to bring you- FREEDOM!

We’re finding more and more cleaners and restorers have achieved “success” … sort of.  These hardworking entrepreneurs have built their company up over the years, make good money and have 5, 10, 15 or more employees.  BUT they still don’t have a “Critical Mass” business– one that will run with them OR without them!  (They still aren’t “free” and yet that is WHY these brave entrepreneurs went into business in the first place!)

So this is why our new SFS will give you more turnkey tools than you imagined possible to “reinvent” your company.  In the process I guarantee you will rediscover the simple joy of owning (and building) a world class operation.  Not to mention you will have the “template” to become wealthy instead of just “owning a job”!  Big words!  How is your SFS team going to deliver?  I’m glad you asked!  Your new SFS: Solutions/Freedom/Success program will include:

• A 2GB USB “Business on a flash drive” packed with thousands of turnkey, tested “plug and play” business forms, procedures, systems, marketing resources and manuals- all ready to be adapted and implemented in your company PLUS…

• Free one-on-one online consulting with industry experts Steve Toburen and Bill Yeadon

And now for the big news! Sign up 30 days or more before your chosen SFS seminar and you will save $400.00 off the regular $1275.00 SFS price. (Which is still a great deal!) You’ll pay just 875.00  And you can bring your wife or partner for half of this great deal- just 437.50! But you MUST complete the transaction 30 days or before your SFS seminar.

Even better, we are still honoring our “Attend SFS for FREE” promotion.  Just buy 5,000.00 of ANYTHING Jon-Don sells in the 12 months before your chosen seminar and we will waive the 1275.00 seminar fee; you attend for FREE.  (Additional company attendees can still attend at half price- $637.50! Remember our members who bring their spouse ALWAYS implement much more from the class.) Just call any Jon-Don store today to reserve your seat!

Don’t know if you’ll hit this magic $5,000.00?  Then pay for your “400.00 off seat” now and when you qualify for free admission we’ll refund your money!

NOTE: In fact, we’ll refund anyone’s SFS “lock-in-your-400.00-off” special 875.00 30 days before the seminar fee if you absolutely have to cancel. But I sure hope you don’t.  SFS is vital for any size business! I personally guarantee it!

So puhleeease, carefully reflect on this one thought:  “You’ve spent years building your company.  Isn’t it worth investing five days more to take it to the next level?”  But don’t listen to me- check with Doug Moerschbacher or Jennifer Donley or Tom Barr or Wayne Bailey or Mike Lamunyon or … well, you get the idea!  (Or see what 100’s of our other SFS graduates have said about their experience and this was with the “old SFS”.)

So it is up to you. You have worked hard and have much to be proud of.  Yet even so wouldn’t it be worth investing five days to cut years off a sometimes still agonizing “learning curve”?  Why not stand on the shoulders of thousands of others who have “gone before you”?  We all want to help IF you will let us!

Steve Toburen

PS  Let me remind you again- our “Attend SFS at the low $875.00 price” special is only available up till 30 days before your seminar and seats are limited.  Plus if you can’t make it to your reserved SFS class we’ll refund your money.  So what do you have to lose? Call 800-400-9473 today and tell them you want to save $400.00 AND transform your life at the same time!

2 thoughts on “An all new SFS?”

  1. We are happy to be working with Chuck Violand and his team right now, but I’m missing SFS. I can’t wait to see what the new SFS has to hold especially since what you said seems to EXACTLY describe where we are….striving to get that critical mass. I just don’t think I can wait a whole year (Sept. 2014) to attend again in Philly. Getting away from the kids overnight for a week is a challenge. Miss you!!!!


  2. Come on, Meg. You CAN do it! Time for those kiddies to grow up! You’ve got Salem in just a couple weeks and Frank Kuse is holding a seat open for you! See you soon!

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