Positive changes on the horizon: “I can’t wait …”

Dear Steve,

Some of the things I learned at SFS: Business Transformation I’ve heard before.  BUT, and this is HUGE , I just wasn’t inspired to carry it through into my business like I have with SFS! I’d always say, “This is a great idea” and I would even implement a a few things. BUT the ‘Business Infrastructure’ you have given me AND that you weren’t constantly trying to ‘upsell me’ when you gave us a great new system to put into effect was truly refreshing!  WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

I am so excited to start putting this GREAT information to use. Going to get mirrors for my phones and Job Folders for the jobs tomorrow.   I couldn’t do it today because I put in a 12 hour day of carpet cleaning.  (Wow am I sore after sitting in class for 5 days!  However, I billed out over 2K so that eases the pain a little bit!)  In fact this coming week we are so busy I have to work more “in the business than on it.”

However, I did go over the Moments of Truth and Value Added Service concepts with my guys at 7:00 this morning and that was fun. Thankfully we have been applying quite a bit of this already and we just need to fine tune our systems i.e. asking permission to start in this room, wiping down baseboards, giving the “Illusion of Control”, etc.

By the way, I can’t wait to get the Stay Beautiful program going since it is just what us northerners need to get us through the winter. One thing I have already decided on is my “Dedicated Sales Morning”.  So right after my BNI meeting, off I’ll go!  I can’t wait … seriously!

I’m going back soon to Jon-Don for Customer Appreciation Day and more of Papa Nicks great cooking. Speaking of Nick please tell him that he is a good example for all of us in having a giving spirit and especially with his support of SFS.  You can really feel now what Nick means when he talks about the “Jon-Don family”. I’ve been buying from Jon-Don for years but now I really feel like a friend, not just another customer.

Thanks again Steve, and keep “calling me out on the carpet”. That’s an old Navy term for being held accountable for your actions.  I sincerely hope you’ll keep in contact with all of us to make sure we are implementing what SFS has taught us.


Wayne B. Bailey
AllClean Carpet Care, Restoration & Maintenance, Inc.
“Delivering The Ultimate Cleaning Experience”

PS  Steve, you should tell people who take the SFS course to schedule the next week off just to get all these systems in place. I have all this carpet cleaning to do this week and yet all I want to do is stay in my office implementing systems! I’m in for some long days ahead but certainly well worth it.

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  1. Well Wayne did show up at the Salem Customer Appreciation Day along with several other SFS alumni. Actually I though we were having a mini-reunion less than a week after class.

    Everyone still had a post SFS buzz going on. It was that or they just finished one of Nick’s great brats off the grill.

    Great seeing Wayne and the gang again.


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