A clipboard gives you “Instant Respect”!

Cleaning and restoration can be a tough business and you’re saying: “Well, DUH, Steve! Tell me something I don’t know!”

One of your biggest challenges? Helping your on-site employees build a professional relationship with your customers! So you’re thinking…

“Hold on a darn minute, Steve! Who cares about ‘building relationships’? My guys are just there to ‘suck rug’ or dry a water loss and git out! I’m not running a dating service here!” Here’s why you MUST focus on your customer’s emotions…

80% of how your customer decides if your tech(s) did a good job or a bad job (AND whether they will leave a glowing review or trash you online!) is based on how they FEEL about the people ‘performing the service’!

Think about that phrase ‘performing the service’. Yep, you must ‘stage manage the performance’. And every stage play needs “props” so…

Give each on-site employee a clipboard! (A clipboard gives techs “instant respect”!)

This clipboard has a ‘script’ of positive Moments of Truth that show your customer: 1) “We’ve done this before!” (Competence) and 2) “We truly care about you”. (“An attitude of care and concern.”) Their clipboard let’s your tech tactfully take charge while giving your client the Illusion of Control

Let’s see how this clipboard and script work on a water loss:

1. Clearly introduce yourself. (First and last name please!) Then hand the customer your business card. Now look down at your clipboard (Instant Respect!) and say:  “Could you give me a quick tour of the damage?” 

2. Structure these first few critical (and hectic) minutes by interviewing your client with this Water Damage Customer Interview form HERE.

NOTE: This same “Give me a quick tour and as we go show me any special areas of concern?” tactic works great in residential too! Download your free “in the home” Script HERE.

Commercial HINT:  Get your your commercial Decision Maker out from behind their desk by looking down at your clipboard and asking the first question on this Commercial Carpet Analysis form.  Then as they answer you start to rise while saying, “Could you just quickly show me…” BINGO!

Steve Toburen

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