Seven words that book more jobs!

areas special concernOK, you are visiting a first-time customer to “pre-inspect” the work. (Remember, I hate the word “estimate”!) But now you are nervously wondering…

“What do I say?” The trap here? You start babbling over how great you and your work are! Or go on and on about boring (to them!) details on your equipment and cleaning methods.  (Even worse is to panic and start trashing your competition!) Trust me, all your prospect will hear is, “Blah-blah-blah!”

Instead, SAY as little as possible! You want to LISTEN to (and learn from) what your prospect is feeling! So when doing on-site pre-inspections simply ask, “Would you give me a tour and as we go please …” Then use these seven key words:

“Show me any areas of special concern.”

NOTE: Don’t ask, “Do you have any problems?” Why not? Because your prospect will think you’re going to charge more so they’ll reply, “Nope! No problems here!” And yet you must discover their “areas of concern” and here’s why…

During your “walk-through” focus on (and write down) what is important to your prospective client. Then provide solutions to these “Points of Pain” and you will book the job! Even better, you will be creating many positive Moments of Truth that will pay off big time later on!

Commercial SALES HINT: Interview your prospect using this Commercial Carpet Analysis form. When they answer question #2: “Where is your biggest maintenance challenge?” just reply, “Would you mind showing me?” (start to rise here) and you are started on your “tour”!

Restoration HINT: Structure those first few stressful minutes with a traumatized insured with this Water Damage Customer Interview Form. When you ask question #3,“Would you show me the source of the water?”, your “tour” has begun! (Or ask, “Could you show me where the fire started?”)

Residential HINT: BEFORE you start on your tour of the home (see bold print above) be sure to slip off your shoes or put shoe covers on. Just another great initial Moment of Truth!

So how do YOU “get off on the right foot” with your customers? Share your ideas with our Strategies for Success: “Growing Your Business” Facebook Group HERE! (You don’t need to be a SFS graduate to join us- just be serious about “growing your business”.)


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