Poker chips create positive ‘Moments of Truth’ in a carpet cleaning pre-inspection.

Home owners blossom when they see your technician paying attention to what they say. The very best way to show you are really listening? Take “Immediate Action”! Read on for a simple but highly effective “Moment of Truth” when “pre-inspecting” before the carpet cleaning …

The Three A’s – Part 3: Affability

Are you nice to your customers? Who isn’t? But are you affable? In the speed of today’s business world being pleasant, friendly or sociable is a luxury many business owners feel that they just can’t afford. Chuck reviews why cleaners and restorers need a little bit of “bedside manner”.

The Three A’s – Part 2: Accessibility

If you are in Emergency Disaster Restoration 24-7 “accessibility” is a no-brainer. But what about the average cleaner? Who should he or she be accessible to? Chuck adjusts our Customer’s Eyeglasses…

Don’t disrespect “followership”- Part 1

While leadership is all the rage, Chuck Violand thinks it’s time to build a case for followership. After all, following is a critical component of being an effective leader.

Skills to be a better business owner (Part III)

Chuck’s wrap-up on being a better business owner. By mastering the executive skill-set you will give yourself a big advantage in leading your company to success.

So what “Success Skills” are you lacking? (Part I)

Sure, nobody cleans better than you do. Wonderful! We salute your hard work! And yet, are you still struggling after all these years? In this series Chuck Violand shares a few possible reasons why…